Novaflash supports
Infineon TriCore™
AURIX™ Microcontrollers

Novaflash provides comprehensive programming support for the entire Infineon AURIX™ Controller Family. μ-PODs available with Hydra system allow the user to operate on AURIX™ devices with a speed unmatched by other programming tools existing on the market. Thanks to Hydra Graphic User Interface and tracking system, it is possible to monitor continuously the status of the programmer or of the flashing station where it is installed, therefore improving manufacturing line efficiency and reliability.

Novaflash completes the tools available to users with a new module, the μ-POD with integrated relays barrier. In this way it is even easier to manage the programming tools in synergy with the most advanced automatic and in circuit test machines.

AURIX™ microcontrollers can be programmed using Novaflash Hydra system thanks to DAP interface, available on all the members of this family:

Infineon Novaflash
AURIX™ Supported Programming interface
TC21x Yes DAP
TC22x Yes
TC23x Yes
TC26x Yes
TC27x Yes
TC29x Yes
TC32x Yes
TC33x Yes
TC35x Yes
TC36x Yes
TC37x Yes
TC38x Yes
TC39x Yes

AURIX™ (Automotive Realtime Integrated NeXt Generation Architecture) is a 32-bit Infineon microcontrollers family, targeting the automotive industry in terms of performance and safety. Its multicore architecture, is based on up to six independent 32-bit TriCore™ CPUs. The AURIX™ micro are used in numerous applications in the automotive and industrial sectors, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the most demanding needs. For example:

For Automotive Powertrain applications:

  • Gasoline Direct Injection
  • Gasoline Multi-Port Injection
  • Diesel Direct Injection
  • Automatic Transmission – Hydraulic Control

For Safety applications:

  • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Active Suspension Control System
  • Advanced Airbag System
  • Short Range RADAR (24 GHz) System
  • Long Range RADAR (76/77 GHz) System

For Body applications:

  • Body Domain Controller
  • Gateway
  • Advanced Body Applications

The new AURIX™ TC3xx family microcontrollers are manufactured in a 40 nm embedded flash technology designed for ultimate reliability in harsh automotive environments.
Furthermore, the dual frontend concept ensures continuous supply.

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