The clever way

A new way to In-System-Programming.
Cost effective, truly universal and future-proven.

We called it E-ISP

We invented a new approach and called it E-ISP (Extended In-System-Programming). It consists of a compact master unit and a tiny programming unit, communicating through NOVALINK, a proprietary high-speed protocol.

What are the benefits?

To reduce production costs, reducing the programming time. To realize a programming system not much bigger than a coin. To offer a truly universal solution that can be tailored through the POD unit.

Choose what fits you best

Our consulting services range from turn-key solutions, to tailored firmware design, to system debugging.


So simple, so clever.

The best choice for all those who must integrate the ISP feature in a fixture or ATE.

Hydra can program multiple devices at a time, through multiple pods connected to the same master.

Compatible with the devices available in the market, regardless of the manufacturer.

we called it NOVALINK

NOVALINK is a proprietary communication protocol to exchange fast data between the MASTER unit and the POD unit.

Want to check if your device is supported?


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